Wreath Sales

Wreath Sales 2020

Wreath Online Catalog https://www.evergreenindustries.com/catalog/


Dates to know

Wreath Sale Starts: September 1st

CAN NOT SELL WREATH Due Fall Product Program  during September 25-October 18

First order due: October 28th, by 7PM 

Delivery/pickup at Heidi’s Home: November 21 by 2PM

Second orders due: November 20, by 7 PM  

Delivery/pickup at Heidi: December 4 (by 7PM 

 Final payment due: Friday, December 7th


Collect money at time of sales.  Checks should be made out to your troop.  Deposit money and write a single troop check to the service unit (B9M Service Unit or Bloomington 9 Mile Service Unit) when you place your order with the service unit (Heidi).

Prices are not on the order form, get prices from the price list  NOTE: PROCEEDS TO TROOPS will be a little less, due to donation to Family Giving Program.   Use this Updated wreath prices list for prices and write them on the order form.

Click here to go to the Order Form page to submit the troop order to the service unit.

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